Erkin’s Personality Essay :)

There are several personality types. People who have different characteristic show dissimilar

behavior and attitude. For a better explanation of this topic we can compare two different

personality types. Exemplarily, let’s say one of the our personality type Forrest Gump who

is a movie character. Another example as you know Captan Jack Sparrow who is movie

Allthough Forrest Gump has low intelligence level, he still successful person. First off all

the movie character has a loyal personality type. Forrest Gump who has calm and reliable

characteristic. Forrest Gump also succeed a lot of big event even if he didn’t realize all of the

Second personal type is Captan Jack Sparrow who is a charismatic person. We can say for

this movie character has unrespectful and unreliable chracacter. Jack Sparrow is one of the

best examples for sympathetic and outgoing person. Eventhough Captan Jack Sparrow is

unreliable person, he achieved his reach.

As a result people who have different personality types and characteristic can reach their

point. One Turkish proverb say that ‘Even your five fingers have different sizes’ that’s why

there are millions of people in the  world.



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Mohammed’s critical essay :)

 Internal war between citizens in the United States of America, resulting killing, violence, hat, and madness all because of the drug trafficking.

> In the early 1960’s a form of gang was originated by the two names of Bloods and Crips, in Los Angeles, and what does it take to stop Bloods and Crips from killing each other, and their logo’s are by what they wear, Red is for Bloods and Blue is Crips.

> This violence of teen agers that has been wondering around both east and west coast for a long period of time, which resulted in killing each other and couldn’t be stopped. It made me wonder if they all had hearts that pump blood and mercy inside their souls?

> I don’t know if it has brought friends and brothers who were killed a very long time ago. Meanwhile, if u dig a little deep, you’ll find all of this violence is because of drugs soled out in the streets. I believe if I was a member in any of these two gangs either Bloods or Crips and saw anyone wearing either any of the colors, Blue or Red, I am supposed to fight him and kill him for no reason. What would happen if he wasn’t neither Bloods nor Crips, am I going to say, “My bad, I thought he was a gang member”, or claim the color of what he was wearing.

> Both subgroups were probably with out jobs, the streets were their jobs. All they had in mind and in consideration is, one bye one, most likely, an eye for an eye. Drugs created them and created the hate inside their hearts. Police men tried the best they could do to stop this violence and hate but its very hard to do so.

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Beisy’s Personality Essay :)

When people think about to make a compare or contrast of something or someone, not always is easy to prepare, why? Because people don’t know the details so deep. All the information is based on opinions or articles already red it. In this case, my compare and contrast essay is about two known characters, famous and remembered: Jack Sparrow and Forestr Gomp.

Capitan Jack Sparrow, a  pirate who nobody respects, because he’s that kind of person who doesn’t care anything, also he is a thief and impolite. He has all the negatives things, but his actions and his funny personality makes him a lovely and special character. In his town, even the pirates don’t accept him but his behavior make him look charming.

Forrest Gump, the most special person I’ve ever seen in the big screen. He is a loyal person, very polite and educated. His behavior is a little strange compared with other people but it doesn’t see him like an important person.

Both characters, Jack Sparrow and Forrest Gump despite their great differences became important in his films and make history in their movies. Two kind of personalities completely different but their main idea of the movies were enjoy and entertaining the public, and I think they did it.

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Karine’s Personality Essay :)

Yang and Kepner – Completely Different Women


The primetime ABC series Greys Anatomy, is one of the American favorite medical drama


that combines a group of surgeons with different personalities which completes each other. “Shonda


Rhimes, the series creator, thought it would be interesting to create a show about smart women


competing against one another”.


personality and professional skills are Cristina Yang and April Kepner.


Although, both grow up with stable families their life history are completely different: Cristina


Yang is a city girl, born and raised in Beverly Hills, California by a Korean mother and Jewish


stepfather and April Kepner is a farm girl, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio by strictly Catholics


parents. Even though, Yang was raised in Jewish religion, she is a “strong atheist and only believes




The two competitive female character most different life history,


. Oppositely, Kepner has a close relationship with God and even made a vow of chastity.


In terms of personality, they are truly unlike. The robot Cristina Yang “values logic and


practical thinking above emotional reasoning”.


who do not likes to be touched by anyone, especially in her emotional moments, however, she is


struggling to become more friendly and compassionate. In contrast, Kepner started has fragile,


anxious and insecure woman but now she is becoming more confident. The ability to reading people


is one of her the best qualities, still has problem to filter what she says, gets panics under pressure


and be “very emotional over little things.”


In professional field, the perfectionist Dr. Yang has the best surgical skills. Besides, “Cristina


is incredibly focused and driven and is always excited about the chance to scrub in on a surgery.”


In a different way, the idealistic Dr. Kepner is a trauma surgeon, more focused on organization and


administrative issues: qualities that help her to achieve the intern chief position. Also, throw her


catholic faith, she always like to pray for her patients before going into surgery.


The mix of opposite personalities of characters such as Cristina Yang and April Kepner,


fighting one another for surgeries but still fit each one, on the main work team of surgeon of Seattle


Grace, despite their differences in life history, personality and professional skills, is why it turns the


series so especial do see it.




She is a “cold, cut-throat and hardcore”



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We miss you!

Sara, Mariano, William, and Helgi – we all hope that you arrived at your destinations safely and are enjoying yourselves.  You are missed and we hope to hear from you to know how you are doing!

Nuha, we miss you as well and hope that you keep in touch with us!

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What do you think?

Practice makes perfect!  Can you say what each person is actually thinking by using noun clauses or noun/adjective modifiers of head nouns?

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July 11, 2013 · 11:07 pm

Happy studying 🙂

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July 11, 2013 · 11:04 pm