Abdullah’s Personality Comparison/Contrast :)

Compare/Contrast Essay.

Teacher: Patricia.

Scholar: Abdullah.


Similarities and Differences in Characters


    When we talk about characters of people, in TV or real life, we often mention what comes into our minds that make those people special in a different way. Everyone has specific characteristics distinguishing him/her from others. For example, peacefulness vs wildness, sentimentality vs cold blooded, powerfulness vs weakness, …etc. If we take some TV characters and compare them, we might find things that are contradictory with how we picture those people normally. Let’s take the character of Jack Sparrow and the police chief going after Jack as two examples to compare their personalities and characteristics.


    First, good person vs bad person. After watching that movie ‘ Pirate of the Caribbean’’, we might notice that Jack was playing the role of the pirate and this character is usually known as being the dangerous person that represent evil and perversity. Even though, this character seemed to be lovable in that movie. Here comes the contradiction in picturing Jack in our minds as audience. On the other hand, the character of the police chief, normally known of being great person that fights evil, did not grab that much of our attention or seem as likeable as Jack. This conflict indicates that every person has got something special other than what he seems to be like.


    Second, the sense of aggressiveness. Even though Jack was the pirate, but he did not have that kind of abhorable and criminal personality. He did not aim to kill anyone, neither hurt the policeman who was hunting him down. He seemed to be a respectful negative person who did not want to make troubles or hurt innocent people. Unlike the policeman who represented justice in an undesirable way that made us think about him being dislikeable. He was eager to catch Jack and execute him, and that what turned him to be an evil to us. So, we some sort of mental conflict that forces us to accept him as a good man, and convinces us that he is a bad person at the same time.


    Third, cleverness and sense of humor. The pirate Jack had a great deal of intelligence and sense of humor that made him a lovable character to us. In many different scenes, we have seen how he perfectly planned to escape from prison and police in an unexpected ways. Furthermore, he was funny in most of his scenes and he did not give us a chance to change our attitudes and think that he was still the bad man. In contrast, the police officer came across to be serious person, aggressive and did not have that much of cleverness. In addition, he was the man who tried to arrest our hero pirate and kill him, and this idea has become unacceptable.

    In conclusion, these two different characters have shown us how good people and bad people differ in terms of personalities, not what they do or work. Also, being aggressive does not necessarily accompanied with negative characters. Some characteristics like being smart and funny can make a person likeable, with disregard to what kind of person he really is or what he does in his life. So, I can make my mind to say that the negative, bad, and evil character,Jack Sparrow, has finally impressed me.


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One response to “Abdullah’s Personality Comparison/Contrast :)

  1. Patricia

    Great introduction – in your list of personality traits you use good-quality nouns! Remember that “cold blooded” is an adjective. Keep your parallelism and change that to a noun. You may have to use a new word completely.

    Don’t use “etc.” in formal writing. Reserve that for note-taking and informal communications.

    Your first paragraph is excellent overall. There are several small errors but they involve all different things: a preposition, an article, a verb conjugation, and an incomplete sentence. We need an example to be completely sure that we understand you precisely. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if your reader is using his or her imagination in order to understand you. Don’t allow that! Be clear. Show us exactly what you are thinking.

    The ideas in the second paragraph are good but the adverbs that are used are a little confusing. Rewrite these sentences and pay attention to the structure of each. You use a good amount of variety in terms of dependent and independent clauses but that aren’t always connected well, hence the reader is a little confused.

    Third paragraph is good. Nice work with “dislikable”. Actually, we use the prefix “un” to make “unlikable” but your use of the rule was perfect. 🙂

    Fourth paragraph and conclusion are well-done! You have worked very hard to hone your skills enough that you produced this essay! Keep up it up!


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