Abdullah’s Obscure Health Issue Essay ;)

A disregarded Health Issue


The obsession of being one hundred percent healthy has always been a great concern for specialists and normal people. We always tend to make healthier choices when it comes to food, the way of living, everyday activities and many different factors. One of the most common and essential concern is kidney stones. This kind of health case is not really clear and their symptoms might occur late usually, causing an abdominal intermittent pain  and little burn when passing urine. The reasons behind this health case could be explained briefly in this essay.


First, dehydration. As medical scientists say, the human body needs about two and a half to three litters of water everyday, and this would keep the body fresh and hydrated. So, the lack of water sufficiency might result in having little stones stuck in the kidney’s wall as a reaction for dehydration. Some doctors say that drinking other liquids such as juice or tea does not count with the daily need of water for our bodies, but others say as long as these liquids consist of  seventy percent of water, they would do the same as water does.


Second, drinking liquids that have great amounts of Caffeine. According to the American health association, having too much caffeine everyday causes dehydration for the kidney itself, and this is due to the chemical and biological components of caffeine that absorb liquids out of the kidney. In addition, when the kidneys start to filter liquids that we drink everyday, caffeine makes it difficult for them to filter all amounts of liquids we have been drinking during the day. As a result, the kidney loses around twenty percent of its normal energy that leads to the same reaction mentioned in the first paragraph.


Third, drinking too much alcohol. Some people might think that drinking alcohol is useful for flushing their kidneys, well, it might be useful but if we do not drink it on a regular bases. Unlike caffeine, alcohol makes the kidneys exert more effort than they should. As a consequence, kidneys become exerting the same energy that they exert to filter alcohol, but with all liquids including water. Eventually, this leads us to the same problem of dehydration due to the extra filtering activity the kidneys are doing, not to mention other side effects of having great amount of alcohol.


In conclusion, kidney stones are considered a reaction of an inconvenient health behavior which is not giving the kidneys the regular amount of water they need. Also, caffeine may be an obstacle to the process of filtering liquids and absorbs water from kidneys. And finally, drinking too much alcohol makes kidneys work more than they should which is considered biological inconvenience.

In my opinion, kidneys are sensitive organs that do an unbelievable work and they can get negatively affected by our behaviors, so all I can say is our Kidneys are our Lives, we must take good care of them.  



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One response to “Abdullah’s Obscure Health Issue Essay ;)

  1. Patricia

    Good introduction but the word order of your sentences is a little confusing. Remember proper adjective order and that, because you are certain what the essay will contain, the these statement is not constructed with modals.

    The signal words that begin each paragraph are great but follow them with a complete sentence. Only poems don’t need complete sentences in English! What you could do is make subheadings. You can put the topic of the paragraph in bold two lines above the paragraph. While this isn’t a convention for a short essay, it is a great organizing tool for longer papers.

    Very interesting debatable topic at the end of the first paragraph. If you were to expand each of the body paragraphs into subsections, you would be able to explain that debate in detail.

    So, we should drink two to three liters of water each day and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Are there any herbs and spices that affect kidney function?

    Fantastic conclusion! Coordinating conjunctions are not used to begin sentences. Go ahead and look at unit 21 in our book. You want to use a transition word as is shown on pages 360 – 362.

    Keep up the excellent work!

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