Abdullah’s Myth/legend Essay :)

Ancient American Culture


Since the American continent was found, many cultures have existed on it  and left some heritage that reminds us with them. some cultures have already disappeared, and some are still seen at some parts of this continent. One of those surviving cultures is the Indian American culture, also known as Native Americans. This specific culture is considered the most noticeable, and is still presented through festivals and museums all  over the states. Indian Americans have been known with the unique lifestyle, customs and beliefs that they had. Some aspects of their lifestyle will be presented briefly in this essay.

First, history of wars. During the seventeenth century, native Americans have had several wars with Europeans that lasted for decades, trying to survive and maintain their land from invasion of Europeans. One of the legendary warriors they had was Crazy Horse. He was a warrior and leader of a tribe named Lakota Sioux. He was famous of his magnificent battle skills and was the one who has made lots of efforts to preserve Native American traditions and way of life. Native Americans had also some unique collections of hand-made weapons such as small axes and arrowheads that were first made and used by them, not only for wars, but also for hunting animals.

Second, customs and beliefs. One of the things they were famous of was having a medicine man. This was a unique concept that existed in all Native American tribes. Each tribe used to have some certain holy men known as Maya Shamans who were regarded as priests for them. Those holy people would perform some superstitious rituals for the purpose of healing patients from any illness. Another inseparable part of the Native American concept was the Totem Animal. They believed that each human being has a certain animal such as a tiger or a wolf or some other noble beast. Also, sand painting was a noticeable part of their customs. This kind of art used to be conducted with colored sand during ceremonies of harvests as well as healing patients.  

Third, celebrations. Dancing was one of the main symbolic practices of Native Indians. One of the most popular dances was the Pow Wow in which they dance around the sacred circle. These dances would be performed on various occasions. For example there would be a big traditional dance celebration every time warriors would come back victorious from their battles.  These dances were basically practical demonstrations of how the fighting took place in the battle ground, so they had to perform those dances to show gratefulness and happiness of what they have achieved.

To conclude this, Indian Americans have had a long history of fighting, whether fighting each other or fighting white people,i.e, Europeans, using simple weapons that are always developed. In addition, they had their own beliefs and customs such as the medicine men and Totem animals that live inside of every human as they have believed. Finally, every culture has its own way of celebration and the Pow Wow dance was the most common performance for Native Americans mainly to show pride and respect to each other.



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  1. Excellent! Your signal words are fantastic and paragraph development is clear and efficient. Use complete sentences when writing topic sentences. A complete topic sentence prepares your reader with your perspective and illustrates how you are seeing an issue.

    Additionally, give specific examples to make your points clear.

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