Erkin’s Personality Essay :)

There are several personality types. People who have different characteristic show dissimilar

behavior and attitude. For a better explanation of this topic we can compare two different

personality types. Exemplarily, let’s say one of the our personality type Forrest Gump who

is a movie character. Another example as you know Captan Jack Sparrow who is movie

Allthough Forrest Gump has low intelligence level, he still successful person. First off all

the movie character has a loyal personality type. Forrest Gump who has calm and reliable

characteristic. Forrest Gump also succeed a lot of big event even if he didn’t realize all of the

Second personal type is Captan Jack Sparrow who is a charismatic person. We can say for

this movie character has unrespectful and unreliable chracacter. Jack Sparrow is one of the

best examples for sympathetic and outgoing person. Eventhough Captan Jack Sparrow is

unreliable person, he achieved his reach.

As a result people who have different personality types and characteristic can reach their

point. One Turkish proverb say that ‘Even your five fingers have different sizes’ that’s why

there are millions of people in the  world.



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