Mohammed’s critical essay :)

 Internal war between citizens in the United States of America, resulting killing, violence, hat, and madness all because of the drug trafficking.

> In the early 1960’s a form of gang was originated by the two names of Bloods and Crips, in Los Angeles, and what does it take to stop Bloods and Crips from killing each other, and their logo’s are by what they wear, Red is for Bloods and Blue is Crips.

> This violence of teen agers that has been wondering around both east and west coast for a long period of time, which resulted in killing each other and couldn’t be stopped. It made me wonder if they all had hearts that pump blood and mercy inside their souls?

> I don’t know if it has brought friends and brothers who were killed a very long time ago. Meanwhile, if u dig a little deep, you’ll find all of this violence is because of drugs soled out in the streets. I believe if I was a member in any of these two gangs either Bloods or Crips and saw anyone wearing either any of the colors, Blue or Red, I am supposed to fight him and kill him for no reason. What would happen if he wasn’t neither Bloods nor Crips, am I going to say, “My bad, I thought he was a gang member”, or claim the color of what he was wearing.

> Both subgroups were probably with out jobs, the streets were their jobs. All they had in mind and in consideration is, one bye one, most likely, an eye for an eye. Drugs created them and created the hate inside their hearts. Police men tried the best they could do to stop this violence and hate but its very hard to do so.


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  1. You did a lot of research! Your paragraphs are generally well developed but the flow of sentences is choppy. Create full sentences that clearly state the idea you are going to discuss in the beginning of the paragraph. State the topic and in the next sentence clearly define one specific aspect of the topic that you will examine in detail. Then give a full example. Examples should be very specific, almost like a short story.

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