Beisy’s Personality Essay :)

When people think about to make a compare or contrast of something or someone, not always is easy to prepare, why? Because people don’t know the details so deep. All the information is based on opinions or articles already red it. In this case, my compare and contrast essay is about two known characters, famous and remembered: Jack Sparrow and Forestr Gomp.

Capitan Jack Sparrow, a  pirate who nobody respects, because he’s that kind of person who doesn’t care anything, also he is a thief and impolite. He has all the negatives things, but his actions and his funny personality makes him a lovely and special character. In his town, even the pirates don’t accept him but his behavior make him look charming.

Forrest Gump, the most special person I’ve ever seen in the big screen. He is a loyal person, very polite and educated. His behavior is a little strange compared with other people but it doesn’t see him like an important person.

Both characters, Jack Sparrow and Forrest Gump despite their great differences became important in his films and make history in their movies. Two kind of personalities completely different but their main idea of the movies were enjoy and entertaining the public, and I think they did it.


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  1. Good job addressing the characters of Captain Jack and Forrest Gump in different paragraphs. Go ahead and add an example to each paragraph which illustrates why you say the things you do about them. Doing this is as easy as describing a scene from each of the films we saw.

    You did a very good job with comparing the two; the similarities you pointed out are definitely true. What is different about them? Personalities can be different even though how other people treat them is the same.

    In terms of structure, remember to put verbs in each sentence! Don’t forget to add an ‘s’ to present simple verbs with third person singular subjects.

    Keep up the good work!

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