Karine’s Personality Essay :)

Yang and Kepner – Completely Different Women


The primetime ABC series Greys Anatomy, is one of the American favorite medical drama


that combines a group of surgeons with different personalities which completes each other. “Shonda


Rhimes, the series creator, thought it would be interesting to create a show about smart women


competing against one another”.


personality and professional skills are Cristina Yang and April Kepner.


Although, both grow up with stable families their life history are completely different: Cristina


Yang is a city girl, born and raised in Beverly Hills, California by a Korean mother and Jewish


stepfather and April Kepner is a farm girl, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio by strictly Catholics


parents. Even though, Yang was raised in Jewish religion, she is a “strong atheist and only believes




The two competitive female character most different life history,


. Oppositely, Kepner has a close relationship with God and even made a vow of chastity.


In terms of personality, they are truly unlike. The robot Cristina Yang “values logic and


practical thinking above emotional reasoning”.


who do not likes to be touched by anyone, especially in her emotional moments, however, she is


struggling to become more friendly and compassionate. In contrast, Kepner started has fragile,


anxious and insecure woman but now she is becoming more confident. The ability to reading people


is one of her the best qualities, still has problem to filter what she says, gets panics under pressure


and be “very emotional over little things.”


In professional field, the perfectionist Dr. Yang has the best surgical skills. Besides, “Cristina


is incredibly focused and driven and is always excited about the chance to scrub in on a surgery.”


In a different way, the idealistic Dr. Kepner is a trauma surgeon, more focused on organization and


administrative issues: qualities that help her to achieve the intern chief position. Also, throw her


catholic faith, she always like to pray for her patients before going into surgery.


The mix of opposite personalities of characters such as Cristina Yang and April Kepner,


fighting one another for surgeries but still fit each one, on the main work team of surgeon of Seattle


Grace, despite their differences in life history, personality and professional skills, is why it turns the


series so especial do see it.




She is a “cold, cut-throat and hardcore”










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