Karine’s Critical Essay :) Great job!


Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina Dejesus, released a video on YouTube

thanking the emotional and financial backing they received. The three women held

captive in a Cleveland home for a decade by a former school bus driver, Mr. Castro,

who “has been indicted on more than 300 charges, including kidnapping, rape and

aggravated murder”

expressed how happy they are with their families, how they are getting stronger

each day and how forgiveness is important to move on. Although it is seems a happy

ending, it is difficult not to criticize the police work and the role limits of the media.

In this nightmare case, the police did not do a good job. Firstly, it was not

them that found the girls, was the girls that called for help. Secondly, they did not

do a decent investigation, because the girls lived almost ten years in the same

neighborhood that they were kidnapped. In addition, they ignored all the clues given

by Castro’s neighbors along the ten years, the sort of, seeing a woman naked in

backyard and a little girl in the house.

Likewise, the media also had a limited performance. Although, they did a good

job broadcasting the horrendous case, their greed to be first and to get the highest

audience rate, was more important than the privacy of the three girls. Most of them,

surrounded with helicopters, the backyards of the families in a hope to take pictures of

one of the girl’s faces. Some of them, tried to convinced families to sell the story. As a

result of this inappropriate approaches, they posted on YouTube in a hope to give the

media enough information to temporarily keep them away.

Although, Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina Dejesus seems to be dealing

pretty well with their new lives, is important reviewing the poor work of the police  

in this case and the boundaries of the media especially with the victims and their


. On the video posted at midnight Monday, the three ladies



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