Sara’s essay on an unexpected event

Two years ago, I lived an unexpected event with my Math teacher. I was on my first semester of high school. I was in a new school and I didn’t know what to expect. I knew this teacher, he had a bad look. Through the semester he never taught us the complete topics and also, he was always late or he didn’t go to class. But, the worst thing was that he was a stalker, he started to tell us disgusting things to the girls and he insinuated us.


I was tired of that situation and I decided to talk with the whole classroom, we agreed in filing a claim against the teacher. I was leading the group and we went with the person in charge of the complaints, but he ignored us. Then we gather the parents, and they went to talk with the assistant manager of the school, he ignored us too.


Nothing happen during that process, but I was scared that the teacher retaliate against me, so I worked so hard and study for the exams. However, in the end of the semester the teacher told me that I failed the subject, even having my complete homeworks and good notes on my exams. He didn’t want to give me any explication about that. I was surprised and upset, so I talked with the principal of the school and she didn’t do anything about that.


I thought it was unfair, and everybody told me to pass the subject by an extraordinary exam, but I didn’t want to pass Math in other options, because I didn’t deserve that.


Thus, I decide to go at the Department of the Students Rights of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.They assigned me a lawyer and helped me to solve this unfair case. I filed a lawsuit against the director and all the personal of the school, because they never took my case, and of course another lawsuit against the teacher for sexual harassment. Finally, I got 9 in Math and the most important thing is that I learned to defend myself.


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