Mariano’s essay on an unexpected event

Pineda Torres Gerardo Mariano Advanced Grammar


Inlingua English Center


Pearl Harbor Attack


Pearl Harbor Attack was a surprise attack executed by Japanese military forces in 1941 in


the east coast of the USA. The attack was planned by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. During the


attack most of the USA fleet in service were neutralized and disabled for future strikes. The


attack was executed by two waves of airplanes and after the assault the USA Government took


some security actions to prevent more deaths.


Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was a high rank military officer who planned the attack against the


US Navy in Pearl Harbor. Yamamoto graduated in 1904 from Japan’s Imperial naval academy


and studied English at Harvard. Soon after he decided to specialize in the field of naval aviation.


His work and legend is well known in Japan, where he is consider a hero. On the other hand the


USA label him as one their biggest enemies in the Pacific War.


The Pearl Harbor attack began on the morning of December 7, 1941. The Japanese military


considered that this attack will have led them to neutralize the USA forces in the Pacific Ocean.


The attack was divided in two waves. The first wave neutralize some ships that were resting on


the dock. Soon after, torpedo planes came in and hit the USS California and the USS Nevada.


In the end the second wave attacked some of the ships already hit, destroying the last of the


military forces in the harbor.


The Japanese attack resulted to be very effective and the USA Pacific fleet did not interfere with


Japan’s conquest plans. Right after the Pearl Harbor attack the USA military started to prepare


for a new assault. Meanwhile, Martial Law and several arrests were performing by the FBI and


the police on Japanese people living in USA territory.


Pearl Harbor attack was an unexpected event executed by Japan over the USA territory. After


the incident the USA declared war on Japan and Germany entering in the 2


results after the attack were the partial destruction of the US Fleet, hundreds of deaths and the


arrest of many Japanese in USA territory.




War World. The


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