Helgi’s Problem/Solution Essay :)

The population increase steadily because of the good health system and medicine. And of course an increase in population also means an increase in consumption of resources. Collateral with this is the environmental pollution. But our resources are not infinite. We can’t exploit our environment if we want our next generations stay alive. To avoid environmental problems we have to figure out solutions. 

We could improve our recycling system. For example in Germany: they have to divide their trash into plastic, paper, organic and residual waste. They also separate glass and deposited bottles. So they try to recycle as much as possible. 
Secondly, we have to find other resources instead of using oil and gas. That would save our world in two ways. Air pollution would decrease and all the oil platforms would disappear 
Thirdly, we should get rid of nuclear and coal power. These both energies are producing so much wast and environmental problems. Instead of using “dirty” power we must improve the usefulness of natural power like wind, water and solar power. That would be a great step to avoid climate changes. 
All in all it concern all of us. When everybody could just act a little more ecoconscious that would be a great advance for humanity and I guess everybody can. Although to survive we have to use natural resources but we should do it moderate. 

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