Taku’s Environmental Problem/Solution Essay

The Effect of Deforestation and Solutions and Movement                                     TAKUMI

Have you heard the effect of deforestation? Have you heard what it was caused? According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat, the overwhelming direct cause of deforestation is agriculture. Subsistence farming is responsible for 48% of deforestation; commercial agriculture is responsible for 32% of deforestation; logging is responsible for 14% of deforestation and fuel wood removals make up 5% of deforestation. These rates shows a cause of the main deforestation. Deforestation was primarily acted by activities and government sponsored development projects in Indonesia and colonization in Latin America, India, Java, and so on, during late 19th century and the earlier half of the 20th century. By the 1990s the majority of deforestation was caused by industrial factors, including extractive industries, large scale cattle ranching, and extensive agriculture. There are several effects of deforestation, such as: global warming, endangered species, and losing nature.

The first effect of losing forest is global warming, which is accelerated because of deforestation. Carbon dioxide is no longer absorbed by cutting forest. Furthermore, if carbon dioxide were increased, ozone layer was destroyed due to it. If ozone layer was destroyed, harmful ultraviolet rays of the mass reaches the ground and it affect the human body such as cancer. What is worth, it increases the sea as a result of melt the ice of Antarctica. It is said that few countries disappears because of this in the future. This means our habits become more and more limited.

Next, due to deforestation, a lot of animals face dead. A lot of animals could not be lived because their habitat was limited by deforestation. In fact, there were a lot of animals already died and became endanger species. This is a one of the serious problem all over the world. Ecological balance which is a circle of life is lost. A lot of animals fall into this bad circle not only live in forest but also live in Antarctica.

How can we deal with this problem? What we can do to solve this problem is that we have to try to do for environment friendly things form our daily life. In fact, nowadays, a lot of people and organization are trying to stop these cause and effects. Many people have realized how much serious this problem gradually and they try to do it starting from their possible things. For instance, in my country Japan, We usually use chopsticks when we eat something. If you visit my country, you can find pile of chopsticks witch made by tree anywhere you go to eat. But these days, people have tried to bring their own chopsticks to do not use vain chopsticks because of their cautious of deforestation. And people tried to use recycle papers which used to it before as much as they can. (e.g Japanese selling notes contained recycle paper.) As it is , people tried to do something not only each person but also company. This their small movement lead to save animals which struggled to live because of deforestation as well.

In summary, there are a lot of serious effects of deforestation. It makes a lot of problem caused. It influences life both of human and animals. Strictly speaking, all over the earth faces critical problem. But we have to act to save these problems. Actually a lot of problem solutions were raised before; such as KYOTO PROTOCOL which is purpose to save carbon dioxide with all over the countries, but there is no choice anymore except our doing for environment even if some solutions were raised because everything were related to tress and nature. Saving tree, saving deforestation are the first priority to do consider our environment.




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3 responses to “Taku’s Environmental Problem/Solution Essay

  1. I agree, deforestation is a severe problem that we are facing and if we work to solve this issue then we might have a chance of deal with a lot of other environmental issues dependent of deforestation.

  2. Nawaf

    First I’m going to tell you what I find mistakes
    1-Have you heard (about) the effects ……?
    2-Have you heard what it (has) caused ?
    3-The first effect of losing (forests)
    4-Chopsticks (which are) made by….

    In my opinion you have a great, strong, and organized essay.
    I like it very much, I tried my best to find mistakes and I just founded four. If it was me writing this essay I would have made a lot of mistakes.
    GOOD JOB!!

  3. Karine

    Taku in my opinion it is a good essay. You started with statistics and some background history (as the way we learn) and good transitions words to connect the text. You give nice examples to avoid deforestation, maybe you could give more. Nice work.

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