Nuha’s Essay on marine life :)

Marine sites are considered as one of the great features of our planet, a world which full of wonders and mysteries. It benefits us humans by providing water, food and oxygen. The oceans produce half of the oxygen that we breathe. But when it comes to the safety of this treasure, it seem that it is threatened. Marine life is threatened by pollution, and one of the main causes of that is the dispose of waste in oceans and seas. 
Plastic disposal in the oceans is a big problem. “It is estimated that 10 percent of the world’s plastic waste finds its way into the sea and slowly but surely most of it ends up in the Pacific Ocean. “ Plastic waste could slowly dissolves into small pieces, and sea creatures mistaken them as food, and when the feed on it, release chemicals to their bodies. So, plastic waste have a dangerous effect on marine life, it contributes in polluting it.
Poisoned seafood affects other environments. For example, animals, which depend on the sea as a food source, are more likely to have health problems and be in danger, because of eating creatures, which had been poisoned by the dissolved plastic. Humans are not different from animals. Researches showed that humans’ health is affected because of the same reason. They could suffer from different and serious diseases such as cancer. Therefor, poisoned seafood is not healthy for humans nor animals.
Plastic disposal in seas and oceans must be stopped. All of us use plastic on a daily basis, but most of us do not know how to properly dispose it, and not all countries have recycling plans, but if everyone of us decide to recycle, it will encourage others to make a big change, and save our planet and health.

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