Mohammed’s Essay on a Health Issue :)

Mohammed’s Environmental Problem/Solution Essay

   Nowadays the environment is being contaminated by industrial production via hydrocarbon  flaring and wasting liquid products through waste water.  Each chemical plant flares tons of hydrocarbons when a plant is upset.

      If each chemical plant faces an upset every week,  three to four percent of its production by venting to flare is lost and burned, which causes smokey flaring. When ever there is flaring the industries are charged with a fine of an unknown amount after every five minutes in every two hours duration. Usually smokey flaring last one hour or so. Every time there is a smokey flaring people are the victims, specially children.
        Chemical plants should prevent smokey flaring every now and then, mean while, governments should raise the fine rate to the maximum rate. Employees are to have risk allowance also among the town residence. Functional test to be done annually for all town residence as well as employees  who are in high risk.

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One response to “Mohammed’s Essay on a Health Issue :)

  1. Be careful with word forms (i.e. flares, residents)

    Some of the terms that you use aren’t familiar to me. What is “risk allowance”? What are “functional tests”?

    Your thesis is clear but I’m not sure I understand the main ideas which prove it.

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