Karine’s Environmental Problem/Solution Essay

Basic solutions to minimize water pollution in Angola


Water pollution, mainly caused by the oil industry is one of the major environmental


problems of Angola. However, it is bringing development to the country, the installation of


platforms have led to the destruction of natural reefs, water contamination and consequently


decreased the fishing activity. To minimize the negative impacts of oil exploration, the Angolan


Government must apply as solutions an obligation for all oil companies to clean up annually


the beaches and rivers of the region; report publicly the tests results of water and fund the


preservation of the aquatic fauna and the creation of an exclusive fishing zones.


The annual cleaning of the beaches and rivers, as one of the solutions, it will allow


a better control of water quality. On the other hand, water contamination indicators will go


down, the population will have less health problems related to water and on bathing season,


population will feel safer.


The solutions also passes by publicly disclosing the results of water testing reports. At


this point, companies will be directly liable and we will have the knowledge about what kind of


products they are sending to the sea and try to found the less hazardous substitutes. Also, it


would open a path to start drinking water directly from the tap, reducing the consumption of


bottled water, which is another environmental problem.


As a final point, the oil companies should have the responsibility to contribute for


preservation of the aquatic fauna and the creation of an exclusive fishing zones. That will return


vitality to the artisanal fisheries because fishermen will be able to sustain their families and fish


imports will decrease. In addition, some species of the region such as turtles, sharks, whales,


dolphins, could be also preserved.


Although, oil exploitation is a necessary evil for the country’s development,


implementation of solutions such as annual cleaning beaches and rivers, an open


communication of water reports and the accountability of oil companies in the creation of an


exclusive fishing zones and the preservation of aquatic fauna, can help to minimize the damage


to the environment. Even tough, these basic solutions are few, at least it’s a start for big things.


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  1. Helgi

    Great work:)

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