Beisy’s Evironmental problem/solution essay

I didn’t have idea about Venezuela’s environment problems, but after searching for a few hours I realized that one of the biggest problems in my country was deforestation. Venezuela had the third place in deforestation rate in South America, it’s situated at the flooded and massive forest in Guri Dam.

For many years Guri’s deforestation had affected the Valencia lakes, one of the important lakes in Venezuela, because it had created a sewage pollution around the lake. Both issues, deforestation and sewage pollution affected the environment, in the forest animals were losing their habitat, they lost their trees, and their food was decreasing more and more. About Valencia Lake, the native fish species were lost due to the pollution.
Chavez government helped with that problem, vice minister for Environmental Conservation in that time, presented a project named “National Forest Inventory”, this project had the map of Venezuela with all forest areas and the status and evolution of forest resources. Also, there is a law which establishes logging bans to protect local tree species. 
Valencia Lake is also recovering with government helps, they don’t save the fish species but the government is trying to clean the lake and makes people go to that place and enjoy the environment.

That project is still working in Venezuela and I hope it will for many years. Venezuela and all countries need a clean environment to keep their wildlife safe and, if government can help with that, all environments will be clean and safe.



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3 responses to “Beisy’s Evironmental problem/solution essay

  1. Abdullah

    excelent, well done 🙂

  2. Articles are so challenging to master! If you go through this again, open your book to the grammar presentation on articles and try to identify the rules for the nouns you use.

    For example, we write “the Chavez government” because it is individually distinct from all other governments. 🙂

    In the beginning, it takes a long time to apply the rules but once you start, you will quickly internalize them and then it will go quickly!

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