William’s Essay on an obscure medical condition

Chinese restaurant syndrome (CRS) describes some syndromes that some people experience after eating food at a Chinese restaurant. A food additive called monosodium glutamate (MSG) is frequently blamed for CRS. However scientific evidence has not proven MSG to be cause the symptoms.


I read some articles and web blogs, A Chinese restaurant chef might have used MSG on the food, Actually most Chinese food is cooked by oil and used a special sauce that include a lot of MSG than regular a food. It is artificial flavor, not natural so it probably causes some symptoms, such a Chest pain, Flushing, Headache, Numbness or Burning in around the mouth, Sense of facial pressure or Swelling and, Sweating.


You can check whether you have CRS or not, Have you eaten Chinese food within the past of day or two days? If your body or brain wants to have Chinese food again, you might get CRS, But don’t worry about it, even though you are getting it too. I have a couple of solution; First, Drinking several glass of water should help to flush the MSG. You can check the ingredient labels on food packages and ask restaurant manager.

You have to know what kind of ingredient causes symptoms in your system and should be more careful although your system not reacts from MSG. 



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4 responses to “William’s Essay on an obscure medical condition

  1. marianopt

    Interesting! I just want to comment that there is a condition like CRS in Mexico call the “Moctezuma’s revenge” (La maldicion de Moctezuma) :/

  2. I love chinese food. Fortunately, this has never happened to me D:

  3. taaggn0608

    I like Chinese food too
    But KOREAN FOOD is nice as well Willian;)

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